Bike Give-Away
Sunday, December 11th Check-In begins at 12:00 at Isador Cohen

The wonderful and generous people of Destiny Community Center, the Buzz Oates Foundation and the Sacramento Kings are giving a bicycle to the scholars of Isador Cohen on Sunday, December 11th at the Golden One Center. 

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our bike giveaway will begin on December 11th promptly at 12:00 at Isador Cohen.  You will need to come into the cafeteria and pick up your registration packet.  The registration packet includes student wristbands for bike retrieval, bus passes, or maps to the arena and arena tickets.

At 12:45, registration will close and busses will leave for the arena.  Those who did not request bus transportation will take their own vehicles to the arena.

 At 2:00 the event begins at the Golden One Center.

Once all students have selected their bikes and the bikes have been placed on the uhauls, the busses will depart for Isador Cohen.  Those who did not request bus transportation will take their own vehicles back to Isador Cohen.

Once the trucks arrive at Isador Cohen, the bikes will be unloaded and matched up with students. Upon receiving their bike at Isador Cohen, families are free to depart for home.  

In order to receive a bike on December 11th you must meet all of the following requirements;                                                                                

1. Enrolled at Isador Cohen before September 26, 2016  

2. Filled out and returned a registration card to school by October 14, 2016  

3. Picked up bike on December 11th at Golden One Center