About us


Our Mission

Isador Cohen Elementary is a school that promotes educating all learners both academically and socially.  We are a GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Center for the East area in the Sacramento City Unified School District in grades 2 through 6, as well as serving general education for preschool through grade 6, and students with communicative disabilities in grades 1 through 3.  We are proud to say we are currently not in Program Improvement and continue to increase our test scores.  We recognize that academics are critical to each student, family, and community; however, teaching social awareness, caring, and empathy are also a primary school-wide focus.  We promote a bully-free campus where students can be open and honest at all times in order to effectively learn problem solving skills that will support positive relationships later in life.  The staff at Isador Cohen truly believe that every child can learn, and at Cohen, every child will learn through hard work, dedication, and parental support.  In the busy world of the 21st Century it does take a village to raise a child.

Isador Cohen’s Programs include:

  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum, multilingual, multi-grade
  • GATE classes for 2nd through 6th grade
  • Communicatively handicapped for 1st through 3rd grade
  • Full inclusion general education Pre-School
  • SDC Pre-School

Isador Cohen’s School Accountability Report is available from the SCUSD Web site.